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Mohit Suri directs Kangna and Imran in Raaz 2
Mohit Suri directs Kangna and Imran in Raaz 2Mahesh Bhatt`s 2002 hit film Raaz is going to see its sequel Raaz 2, which will be directed by Mohit Suri with Kangana Rawat and Emran Hashmi in the lead.

Kangana Ranaut is the protagonist, who plays a fashion model. She will be seen again as a `girl interrupted` smokescreen. In Raaz 2, a spirit haunts this young beauty in the plot and although it is known who this spirit is or why it will be victimising Kangana.

But, she will not be cast opposite Emraan in the beginning atleast. The film portrays Adhyayan Suman plays Kangana`s atheist boyfriend who is a professional documentary maker. The themes of his work revolve around the absence of God and ghosts.

So, obviously, when Kangana runs to him with claims of someone haunting her, Adhyayan`s distrust pushes her away from him and into the arms of a caring and sensitive painter played by Emraan.

Emraan Hashmi plays the sensitive painter who comforts Kangana the damsel in distress. It will be needless to say this duo will be enacting some pretty hot scenes on screen.

The Bhatt companies also continued their trend of shock value in typically Bhatt style. The posters of `Raaz- The Mystery Continues` are released even before the release of the song promos. They are unleashing one poster after another, hence managing to build an intrigue that goes by the name of Raaz - The Mystery Continues.

The new logo of the film is shown in a venomous neon green colour that was designed to distinguish it as an out-and-out horror film, another look showed a backless Kangana Ranaut with Raaz - The Mystery Continues written with blood on her back.

A source attached to Vishesh Films, said, "With an international appeal to boost, the look of the poster has been kept neon green (yet again) to go with the mood, theme and spirit (pun intended) of the film. Also, with a new hairstyle, a French beard and eyes staring right from the poster, Emraan is made to look all intense with the sole aim of going any distance to solve the `mystery` which continues from the days of Raaz."

Posted On : 17 Nov 08
Mohit Suri directs Kangna and Imran in Raaz 2
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