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Naxals ruin schools in Bihar, students suffer

Aurangabad : Education has also become a casualty of Red Terror. Though children in Naxal-affected areas are keen to study their school buildings have been reduced to rubble by the rebels.

In Aurangabad what was once a government middle school bustling with over 800 students just a month back, has been blown up by the Naxals. Now the students of the area have no place to study.

"We are scared to come here after our school was blown up. We are finding it very difficult to continue our studies," student Bubbly Kumari says.

The children are now forced to brave the scorching heat and study under trees. When the rainy season starts even that will become impossible. "During the monsoon it is very difficult to teach the children," says school teacher Surendra Kumar Singh.

According to police data, schools remain soft target for the Naxals. They have destroyed over 150 schools in Bihar and 20 schools in Aurangabad district alone.

"They (Naxals) have blown up all the schools. So what can the students do? If the situation continues the children will be forced to stay back at their home and discontinue their studies," says a villager Vinay Ram.

As the school buildings are part of government's infrastructure blowing them up very well symbolises challenging the might of the government.

Naxals say schools are targeted as they are used to house para-military forces engaged in anti-Naxal operations. The government itself has revealed no immediate plans to reconstruct the damaged schools situated deep inside Naxal bastions.

"They say that the school are being destroyed as they are used by security forces," another villager Ram Jatan Singh adds. Over 75,000 students and their schools are prone to Naxal attack and the numbers are growing by the day.
Posted On : 05 Jun 10
Naxals ruin schools in Bihar, students suffer
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