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Naxals deny that Rajdhani was their target
Naxals deny that Rajdhani was their targetGaya : CPI (Maoist) on Mar 24 owned up to blowing the railway track between Paraiya and Kastha stations on the Grand Chord section on Monday midnight and attacking GT Road toll plaza in Gaya district during the 48-hour bandh, but denied targeting Rajdhani Express. Paramjeet, a self-styled CPI (Maoist) spokesman, called up media offices in Bihar and Jharkhand and reiterated the outfit's stand against killing innocent persons. ``There was sufficient time between the blast and the arrival of the Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani,'' he said and attributed the derailment of nine coaches of the train to the slackness and inefficiency of the railway officials. The blast on the track, according to Paramjeet, was timed taking into account the schedule of the three Rajdhani Express trains - Kolkata-New Delhi, Sealdah-New Delhi and Bhubaneswar-New Delhi. The Bhubaneswar-New Delhi train, as per the schedule, was the last Rajdhani to cross Paraiya at 23.22 after leaving Gaya at 23.13 hours. ``The blast was made nearly 20 minutes after its scheduled crossing,'' he said. Unusually, the Bhubaneswar Rajdhani train was running late on Monday and, as such, it got derailed due to the blast on the track. ``To doubly ensure that innocent lives were not lost, we hoisted a red flag,'' Paramjeet said. Incidentally, it was on seeing the red flag that train driver RK Singh reduced the train's speed from 120 to 75 kmph. The 462 passengers aboard the train had thus a miraculous escape, thanks mainly to the alert driver and the German technique of LHB coach manufacturing that evenly distributed the shockwaves caused by the derailment throughout the train. Also, LHB coaches do not turn turtle after derailment. Regarding the killing of Wakil Singh, a private security guard at the Gaya toll plaza, Paramjeet said it was Wakil who fired the first shot.
Posted On : 25 Mar 10
Naxals deny that Rajdhani was their target
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